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2010-09-12 22:30:21 by VirtualRealityGirl

im sorry i havent been very active but ive been focused on school a lot lately and when i do get free time i have to take care of my brother because my parents just got a divorce. but i hope to be more active from here on and i will hopefully post a animation soon

i have to give this game a 8/10
the intro scene was spectacular and i loved every song in the game
the thing is though we never knew where heather got a pendant or why the hell the main villain got in a treasure chest on the beach but i tend to ignore when villains come into a scene because, lets face it, most villains show out of nowhere. Ok, so the gameplay was pretty awesome you can give your character multiple limbs and enlarge the arms legs in head so if you wanted to make a hero with virtually no legs you just have to shorten the legs to a point you cant see them. now after you make your character and you start playing levels you get somewhat the same gameplay as the last game except you can choose to morph your character into a spider or a blob which is pretty cool. You can also switch weapons from a gun to a sword to slinger (not particularly in that order) when your makeing the weapons theres not much to change about the shape or size of the weapon so its more like the first game there. Now i'm not very happy with the amount of levels in this game, i spent more time watching cut scenes than actually playing the levels. but people have different opinions on this because some people could draw for hours in the game others could be trying to find all the unlockables all the time. now the bosses are not very hard at all and wilefre is much easier to beat in the last game, all you do is shoot at him constantly but if you forgot to get a gun it might be more difficult. Ok so the story for the game seemed pretty well thought out at first, bad guy takes the colors and sends most of the villagers through portals to other town around the world and takes off with the little girl ,heather, that he just kidnapped. So the remaining villagers get on the back of a random giant turtle and head off to search for their friends. But after they leave the first town Mari disappears and joewe freaks out (they have quite a few romance scenes in this game) but after searching for hours the finally decide to go to the next village, AND guess who they see! Mari. anyway she avoid them and trys to tell them to go home but they don't listen. well after some time they finally reach the villains base and when they do mari and wilefre capture joewe and make him see why their takeing away the color. Once joewe comes out he acts like he's gonna join the dark side (they have cookies :D lol fail)but he decides not to and he convinces mari to come back to the good side then your character fights wilefre and wins so they all go back to village. now if you played the first drawn to life you might remember rescuing the human mike now he wasn't a main character at all but now he decides to ask mari what wilefre showed her that made her act the way she did. and she says. she saw. HIM! then they all disappeared cept mike. turns out the whole game was a figment of mike's imagination while he was in coma after a car crash and heather represented his sister or something idk i was really confused after that. i know they where trying to have a heart warming ending but i still have to say the last game was better game play and story wise, but it's still a pretty awesome game and I still think other people will love it to.

happy b-day

2010-08-28 12:09:58 by VirtualRealityGirl

TO ME!!!!!!!!


2010-07-28 13:45:18 by VirtualRealityGirl

one of my friends is such a great artist and ive been inspired to try so much harder to draw thanks to them and i hope one day that i can even come close to their talent. But i did love drawing before it's just that i've never had the best attention span ^^;


2010-07-13 19:32:20 by VirtualRealityGirl

AMERICAS DIEING BECAUSE OF SNACKS :O i'm american so don't feel offended lol just saying this because 3 of my friends from school got Diabetes this year and i feel bad for them


2010-07-09 19:47:30 by VirtualRealityGirl

OMG OMG OMG I got rlly hyper off chocalate and thought of makeing the ultimate war of ROBOTS VS INSECTS VS ALIENS VS SUPER HUMANS so far the teams are


Robot boy
Jenny the teenage robot
G.I.R (Invader Zim)
BumbleBee (transformers)


aregoth (harry potter)
Charmy (SONIC)

Invader Zim
jar jar binks
Ben 10
marvin martion


Super man
PPG (power puff girls)
spider man
Voldemort (harry potter)

There can only be ten characters for each team so i'm takeing suggestions from everyone out there
The comics for this series will be posted to the following-

:O randomness!

2010-07-05 16:35:13 by VirtualRealityGirl



2010-07-02 21:35:29 by VirtualRealityGirl

why is my computer so outdated!
(yes i know it's random :P lol )


2010-07-01 19:08:38 by VirtualRealityGirl

going to see eclipse so excited! hope it's better than new moon almost fell asleep :P

Alice in wonderland

2010-06-27 16:44:04 by VirtualRealityGirl

i just saw the new movie it was awesome anyone else see it?